Submission Guidelines

We welcome submissions from almost every artistic medium. Please read these guidelines carefully, as any submissions that depart from or go over the limits of the guidelines will not be considered for publication.

The most common mediums are listed here. If you are submitting a multi-media piece, visual art and poetry for example, follow the guidelines for both/all the mediums included in the work.

If the medium of your work is not mentioned here, or if you have any questions about submissions CONTACT US and we’ll get back to you with all the answers.

Unrelated works of different mediums must be submitted separately.

Our rate for all publications is AUD$25.

Photography: 1-10 photographs with captions if needed. Images/scans must be of high resolution and overall picture quality. JPG or PNG file format.

Audio and Spoken Word: No longer than 10 minutes, MP3 file format.

Poems: Between 3 and 15 A4 pages of poetry. This can be made up by several short poems or one long poem. Mix and match Size 12 font, indicate where each piece ends. Send as a Word Doc.

Prose: Up to and no more than 2500 words. We do not accept excepts or chapters from longer works, only completed stories. This can be made up by several flash fictions or short stories, or one longer piece. Mix and match. Size 12 font. Send as a Word Doc.

Script: Up to 15 A4 pages. Must be a fully contained scene or short. Monologues and duologues are accepted. Send as a Word Doc.

Visual Art and Illustration: 1-10 artworks with captions if needed. Images/scans of work must be of a high quality. This section includes digital art. JPG or PNG file format.

Comics: Up to ten pages/images. Must be a self contained story, no chapters or excerpts. JPG or PNG file format.

Visual Poetry: Up to 10 images, refer to visual art guidelines.