Something by Sarah Temporal

Something by Sarah Temporal




Something slow

and melancholy

and familiar…

I don’t fear this feeling anymore.


When the world is furled and quivering

like an unborn creature

just inside the limits of my mind


And I feel as old as millenia

for all the times I’ve sat

still as possible,

hardly breathing,

wishing not to disturb

the unformed thought.


something likes me to make

no impression, even on the air.


Night wind beyond my window

and a square of light within which

all things might be allowed, for now,

myself included.


The wind is eloquent in exchange for my silence.

And I wonder,

What sort of person spends every night writing pages,

away from partner and friends,

just in case something valuable pops out?

What sort of person cultivates a life

fifty notebooks high

and just a few good lines wide

and then tries to measure their progress

with metaphors?


People are always surprised to find that I perform poetry.

You can’t judge anything by its cover-up.

Rather judge a book by its spine,

and people by their guts.


It’s our words that rule us in

and rule us out, our words

Rule us.

                        On stage,

how can you tell

who is in service to them,

and who is in exile?


Performance is mistaken for elevation over and above the text.

When in fact it’s the very edge

of the page we tread

and pretend

that falling

would be no big deal.


But the comedown after is dismal.

You left your balance in the ears of other people.

Put yourself so far out there

your stomach doesn’t come back for days.


I wish I could say I know the way

to manage that feeling but all I’ve got

is binge-watching Gilmore Girls

in flamboyant unshowered-ness for many hours at a time and

being allowed to be completely



To let things blur in front of my eyes

(focus can be such an aggressive stance)

and allow the distant growling of the world

to resolve into something like a cat’s purr.


Something slow.




And after all this there is


I know:


There’s the truth you want to tell

And the truth that wants to be told.


Can you tell the difference?


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