she is by Sarah McKenzie

she is by Sarah McKenzie

she is


she is the little girl who twirls in      rainbow dresses

flecks of sky                              in her eyes       she chews on            fairy bread daydreams             spits out singsong      hopes


one         –        two     –        three       –   grow!


she sprouts creatures      from her head              curled up kittens with     magic claws      elves in flower      pots with          dragonflies            for horses and a time   travelling            mini monster    under    the        pool filter



her secret shape shifter     visits her sometimes    shrinks         down to      beetle-size    whispers   slippery   rubber fears           in her ears

play with me     protect me       hear me     I’m        scared                         something                       bad          is     going                 to             happen



she stares and stares         at      strangers in     supermarkets     heart          lurches behind     her mother’s   starkness    with every          trolley         squeak                can’t swallow those      soggy    seasick           memories

mumma      protect      me  hear me I’m scared        can’t get the      bad thoughts         outta           my     head



she once feared kindly   spindly     spying   men    with     beards          coaxing         creeping     prying       with the promise             of                         a puppy


you’ll see   you’ll see        my sweet  there’s nothing    more to fear    now    that     I’m here



but she is wise now            she    knows                          a       stranger        is no     worse    than                 

 someone                                                                                                                                                  dear



and when she is    grown            the first    woman she loves      kisses her         because      she’s          beautiful           licks  her crumpled smile    with warm delight       tells her        she will be just fine             the spilt      ink    of    her mind      is               pressed into                            the pages      of    this 



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August Editorial

August Editorial

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