Leftovers by Adara Enthaler

Leftovers by Adara Enthaler


I see the hope in your eyes

and the promise of a lie

in your outstretched arms

as you stand in my doorway,

reaching out to smother the memory of your last visit.


Your eyes tell me why you came

since you won’t say it with that mouth

that used to whisper only love.

You want me to take you gently in my arms

and say that I forgive you.

You want the damage of your words to fall to the floor

with my clothes

You wish for no consequences

from a woman you destroyed from the inside out.


Take your dollar’s worth of pity

and carry it back out the door you came through.

There is no ideal time for your guilt

to come knocking down the house

I can’t take it from you

it weighs more in my hands than yours.

You’re not a gaseous state trapped in solid form

there is no method

of matter transferral

that will allow you to escape

this skin prison you moulded for yourself.

So take your fistfuls of insincerity

and let it weigh you down to the floor.

Prostrate yourself in apology and shame

so thick I won’t notice

you regret nothing.


I cut out my heart

from where it had dropped

two inches below my ribs

and left it on your pillow

as if to say

‘look at the mess you’ve made’.

But you never rolled over to see it.

I put it in a plastic container in the fridge

In case you wanted it later.


You once told me you’d take a bullet for me

but we don’t have a lot of guns around here.

You told me you’d die for me

But you killed me slowly.

Don’t tell me what violence you’d commit for me

Tell me you’ll be on time.

Tell me it’s not my fault

Tell me you’ll never make me cry.


Keep your whispered sweet nothings

and tell me loudly

some savoury everythings

don’t spin me any sugar

serve me up some thick juicy honesty

with a well-seasoned side of trying really hard.


Your sweet nothings will always leave me hungry

I can’t sustain this big soft body on nothings.

You’d have me starved down whisper-thin

walking around on shaky promises.


You told me you wished

I’d run and leap into your arms when I saw you

As if my lack of romantic spontaneity

was the root of all our problems.

But the truth is, I’ve never been one for running

it shatters my shins and drives splinters into my lungs.

and even before the end

I knew you weren’t strong enough to catch me.


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Executive Producers

Karolina Ristevski

Daniel Henson

Sue White

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