October Editorial

October Editorial


It’s Springtime in our neck of the woods, the air smells faintly of sweet blooms and we’ve got five more brilliant Features to share with you.

It’s all creative writing this month, poetry, prose, and short stories. On topics ranging from love, to death, to swooping magpie girls, to what it would be like if everybody got plastic surgery to look exactly alike. So I hope you haven’t misplaced your reading glasses.

Never Heard of Them

We’ve got together for to workshop over September and now the final pieces are being assembled into the anthology proper!

It was so lovely to meet you all and talk shop, by shop I mean poetic technique.

We’re Hoping to have print copies in our hot little hands before the end of October so keep up to date on our social for the official launch party info. Because of course, you’re all invited!

(We’ll also be doing a cover reveal soon look out for it)

November Feature Submission are Open!

We’d really love to see some more; photography, visual art, design, paintings, comics, visual poetry, colourful, weird stuff!

Help us out by sharing the call for submissions (and our brilliant poster) with all the creatives you know! Word of mouth is really the best way to learn about things, don’t you think?

This months’ poster is by Darren Scott.

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Extra Special Shout Out to our Wisdom Teeth; Elliot Cameron, Daniel Henson, Karolina Ristevski, and, Sue White! You’re FANTASTIC!

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The Swooping Season by Jen Saunders

The Swooping Season by Jen Saunders

In this Kitchen, & Mandarin by Zoe Ridgway

In this Kitchen, & Mandarin by Zoe Ridgway