Crop, Suffer, &, Barra Nula by Cassie Ross

Crop, Suffer, &, Barra Nula by Cassie Ross

These poems where written on the land of the Ngarabal people


Escalating straight for plastic bags of tins & plastic bags

I glance some cute queer sipping coffee

in Jamaica Blue

  track their hair & crop top in a guilty periphery

eyes aching into back and biceps



All’s still hurting days later

when I glance into a Vinnies

contemplate cute crop tops & short cut jeans


flitting through aisles

fleeing eyes of Catholic volunteers

who look like auntie Dell from Emmaville

I leave with a lime green polo shirt I hate

and know from judgements cashiers didn’t make


nothing            really



In pyjamas nursing cups of tea

(glowing red-green in the Christmas tree pulse)

I keep myself under wraps

— all my new year’s resolutions far too gay to share

  so instead I try to tell you

about this gorgeous python on a hike

a rice-pack sack flopped atop the path

a beam of shining black and fat



—        I don’t care


If I were there


I’d take my spade


and behead it with the blade

they’re evil and disgusting

creatures I won’t suffer

The next morning,

I’m outside, dew between my toes

and in sagging threads

spins an orbweaver

green & gold & delicate

stitching its xxxxxx

in sunlight & cotton.


Over some other too bitter Dilmah I tell you this.


that’s okay, I’ll suffer that

but when they make my walls their floors they get the boot.



When I ask you come to see it though —


 — I don’t care

I told you they’re disgusting

& I don’t want to see it.

And maybe I’m angry you boot

so much out of sight

when in the tattered paper of the box-

-ing day hangover flop  

I un-box a feeling — a kind of cotton

& sunlight across the path

we’d thought I was cutting

some sort of web delicate




and fuck


I hope you suffer


Barra Nula

We climb out of your mother’s clay

dusted x-trail & down

to the creek, my father’s undergrown thongs

slipping my feet with every step

to spread sunscreen then our garish beach towels

on the granite shoulders shrugging through the water


I hop from rock to rock, felsic

grains tear the callous with each bound

all my outgrown in the grass with the thongs on the bank


I slip

into the water

a human body

but for pastel boardshorts

elasticed at the hip



so we climb down Barra Nula

to the falls

feet gouged &

 shins scraped

bloody into hot rock

slipping through                                               the slimy pools



 we come to the waterfall

clamber down its wal

slide into its cool

tannin green-brown depth

to be blasted by the spray

you’re still here & we grin to slip elastic

onto the slick bank


and find no bottom

bodies amber through the surface




and finally



Executive Producers

Sue White

Karolina Ristevski

Daniel Henson

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