Why so tense? by Jordan Roux

'Why so tense?' unpicks everyday tensions and the ways in which we stretch our skin to a breaking point. 

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Equidistant by Adara Enthaler & Erin O'Brien

The poems within this zine blend the familiar and the fantastical to bring forth the mythological everyday. Adara sieves her life to find giants in her bathtub, mermaids in her exes, and hurricanes in her friends. Her writing is deeply personal, casually funny and unapologetically furious, and invites anyone who reads it to see themselves in her voice.

How to Draw and Paint I am Free Now by Marcus Fessler

It’s black and white! Its weird! It’s grungy! It’s made from collaging and erasing found pages!  It’s a zine!... that uses witches, the occult, and the animal familiar to delve into “iconography”  of “the self”. It’s part of a larger body of work, “I Am Free Now”, which is a self reflective  exploration into the freedom found in absence, indifference, and destruction.

Modo Ego Sum Liberum.

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