Digital Zine Submission Guidelines

The zine you submit can be about anything at all and can be made up of any mixture of mediums. We accept zines of up to 20 pages in length, excluding the covers.

Submit your zine as a .PDF Digital booklet, not as separate images. If your zine is a scan of a physical work please ensure that all images are of a high quality.

One zine per submission.


Pricing & Sales:

The proceeds of zines are split 80/20 between you, the zine maker, and Baby Teeth Journal. This percentage excludes processing and transfer fees.

The price of your zine is completely up to you, however you should factor the proceeds breakdown into you decision. We suggest charging at least AUD$6 per copy.

Proceeds will be paid to you monthly.



We offer free digital zine downloads to our Patreon Patrons of $10 or higher. If you do not want your zine to be offered as a Patreon perk, let us know! We will only offer free downloads with the permission of the zine creator(s).

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